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The London Free Press Article

A New, Hassle-Free Option for Repairing Window Screens

Mobile Screen Repair offers an exclusive service to those in London, providing cost efficient service, convenience, and zero hassle installation and repair work customized to your screening needs.

Recognizing that time is of the essence, and gas prices continue to soar on a daily basis, Mobile Screen Repair delivers a unique concept unlike any other company in Canada. They’ll come straight to you, to take care of all your needs right in your own home.

Whether your screen frames are bent or broken, MSR can make new frames for your window and patio door screens – right on site. By leaving the work up to the professionals, it means that you can sit back and relax, or enjoy taking part in any number of fun activities that the warm weather allows, like improving your golf game.

For those who own condos, you have “strength in numbers,” so talk to your condo board and have them enquire about MSR’s unique Volume Re-screening Service for the most resourceful and effective way to eliminate the screening problems in your condominium complex. Condo board members may want to consider Volume Re-screening in conjunction with annual window cleaning, crossing off both jobs on the to-do list at the same time. By tackling both projects together you can ensure that screen repairs are not overlooked. Condo board members may want to book a window cleaning company for the same day.

By avoiding do-it-yourself option, Mobile Screen Repair prevents the aggravation and time consuming labour of finding the right materials and tools for the job. Letting professionals come directly to you means:

  • Less hassle trying to buy the right kit, since splines (which holds the screen in place) vary in sizes and shape
  • Avoiding the frustration of removing a tricky screen
  • Saving money spent on gas, as well as saving your mental facilities from needles irritation

Also, instead of going the more traditional route by bringing the screens into a repair shop, choosing the Mobile Screen Repair method means avoiding the hassle of removing the screen yourself as well as:

  • Preventing unnecessary damage to your screen, your vehicle, and even and important bodily appendage
  • Skipping he waiting period which can be long and tiring
  • Receiving proper reinstallation by professionals to ensure that difficult patio doors slide as smoothly as possible

Since these last two methods involve wasting time … time spent driving around, running around, and fiddling around, and your time is money, we thing both you and your time would be better spend with the first option. So call Mobile Screen Repair – serving London and area at (519) 852-4832 – and avoid letting in those pesky ladybugs, flies and mosquitoes common to summer months by taking advantage of the exclusive services of Mobile Screen Repair.