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Pet Resistant Screen

Phiefer Pet Screen

  • Resists damage by dogs & cats
  • Excellent outward visibility
  • Made of strong vinyl-coated polyester
  • “7 times” stronger than regular insect screening
  • Can be installed in most* existing screen frames and patio doors.
* proper installation requires the correct spline and track
Pet Screen

Solar Screens

As homeowners, we have little control over our utility rates, but we can reduce the heat which enters our homes. Mobile Screen Repair Inc. is proud to offer the energy saving Phifer solar screening line to our customers.

Product Colors Approx Shading Features Recommended Uses Avilability
SUPER SOLAR SCREENING Charcoal, Silver Gray 90% Maximum Shading Window, Door and Porch Screens stocked - charcoal
SUNTEX® Black, Brown, Grey and Stucco 80 -90% Heavy-Duty Pet Resistant Window, Door and Porch Screens custom ordered
SUNSCREEN® Charcoal, Bronze, Silver Gray 70% Unique Ribbed Weave Window, Door and Porch Screens custom ordered
SOLAR INSECT SCREENING Charcoal, Silver Gray 65% Maximum Insect Protection Window, Door and Porch Screens stocked - charcoal

Benefits of Solar Screening

  • Saves energy and reduces utility costs by reducing your air conditioning use up to 30%!
  • Reduces fading of your furniture, drapes & carpeting commonly caused by the sun's harsh rays!
  • Maintain a clear view out your windows while increasing your privacy! Solar screens are difficult to see through from the outside!
  • Blocks the sun's glare and heat without blocking the view!
  • Prevents glare on computer screens and television screens - Great for home and office! 
  • Solar screening is durable, you will go a long time before you have to patch or replace a solar screen!
  • Replaces the need for stick-on window tinting film which can deteriorate and bubble over time.  Window film may also void your window warranty!  Our solar screens are completely removable and will not damage your existing windows.

Tuff SuperScreen

Tuff SuperScreen™ are the newest technology available in protection for pool, patio or porch. They are the perfect choice for the homeowner who demands the very best in family enjoyment and safety outdoors while providing a high-quality, long-lasting home improvement investment.

Compare features. Compare durability. Compare costs. Over the life of the fabric, TuffSuperScreen will prove to be a smart, worry free investment.

Durability: The strength of our fabric provides increased resistance to punctures and tears caused by falling debris as well as better protection from pet damage, thereby extending the useful life of the product.

UV Protection/Stable: The UV properties of our material increase the longevity of the fabric while addressing health and safety concerns by providing excellent solar protection. Air and light are able to pass through while blocking some of the damaging rays from the sun.

Mildew Resistant: Biocide is compounded directly into our extrusion coated yarn for extended mildew resistance.

Screen Rooms:  MSR uses Tuff SuperScreen to extend the screen life in our fixed panel screen rooms.

Stainless Steel / Permanent Screen

The initial cost of Stainless Steel insect screening is significantly higher than aluminum or fiberglass screening,although the long term life expectancy of stainless steel screens is worthy of the investment.

These screens are best suited for applications subject to routine public contact such as commercial store fronts, restaurant service area's and industrial applications.  They are also very effective for residential window wells where ground critters can get trapped and eat through traditional fiberglass or aluminum screen.

Permanent screens are custom fabricated with a steel frame with a welded stainless steel mesh, these screens offer a wide variety of configurations.

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